Q&A: How Much the Cloud Computing Cost? Need a Website!?

Question by psycho99: How much the cloud computing cost? Need a website!?
I’m writing a hypothetical paper on cloud computing and I cannot find a site that actually gives me a real price. They all just rant about either how cheap it is or how many hidden costs there are. If anyone knows a site that gives actual estimates for the cost of putting in the cloud, I’ll give ten points.

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Answer by Gardner
Check with Amazon Web Hosting.

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  1. Maria Leal says:

    it´s free use a program or website called dropbox i use it and it is very good for NO COST your create a user account and you are ready to go.

  2. Prateek says:

    Microsoft windows azure- cloud based window requires credit card to save resources
    me.cloud.com -free site