Q&A: How to Remove Open Cloud AV?

Question by Phoenix: How to remove Open Cloud AV?
I asked about this yesterday and it’s only got worse. The program doesn’t allow me to run malwarebytes which the bleepingcomputer article recommends.Someone who answered my question claiming to be from that site suggested combofix which I did run in safe mode but it only shows it as not there in safe mode. As for normal mode as soon as it starts I get the BSOD and a countdown. Ever since then even running in safe mode with networking has no server for any browser so I can’t download the other bleepingcomputer article recommended programs like rkill. Please give me all the help you can, cuz this is only getting worse and worse. Thank you so much.

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Answer by Casca Longinus

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  1. Isabella Victoria says:

    Hi, antivirus program won’t help, the only effective way should be manual method. You can find online expert to manually remove Open Cloud AV virus for you

  2. Ber says:

    Maybe you can use system restore function of your computer.