Q&A: Difference Between Client Server and Cloud Computing?

Question by : difference between client server and cloud computing?
What is the difference and similarities between cloud computing and client server computing technology. please if anybody know, write your answer…

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Answer by Chris D
“Could computing” is the latest technology buzz-word but it’s actual meaning varies. When people say could computing they are mostly referring to storing your data “online”. What’s really happening is you are storing your data at another location usually operated by a 3rd party. The down-side of cloud computing is that it requires a constant internet connection, varies depending on your connection speed and the data is not in your personal possession. The data is being stored at another facility by a 3rd party. You have to reply on that 3rd party to protect and secure your data.

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  1. Cool Story Bro says:

    From a user perspective they are very similar. The major difference is that in client-server, the server is usually local (in your same building) or at least in a building that is owned by your employer. You access it over a private network. It is owned and operated by your employer and used exclusively by you and your co-workers.

    Cloud computing is accessed through the Internet. As of right now the servers are owned by big companies like Google that run applications and many start-ups that provide storage. It is still in its infancy though so it’s hard to tell where it will end up or if it will even catch on completely. On-line storage I can see lasting a long time because it makes sense but I’m anxious to see how software in the cloud pans out. If it stays free it has a chance but once they start charging for it, who knows if people will stick with it.

  2. Scott says:

    Client server is a kind of type of application architecture
    Cloud Computing is a Kind of Environment where your software/Hardware can be hosted

    In Cloud computing you can host N’ Number of client server kind of applications.