I Have a Question About Pricing and Availability of Cloud Computing, Do You Know What Is Suitable?

Question by : I have a question about pricing and availability of cloud computing, do you know what is suitable?
I am thinking about an optimal way for my server. I need a huge bandwidth (for multimedia) and also enough CPU resources (for encoding/decoding), that is public, it means both are very high. I don’t know if I should think about Amazon or something you suggestion. I want it to be a linux sever (I want a virtual server).
Can anyone help with this?
it is for entertainment, a kind of gaming service. I want to use C, or C++, and also some libraries, that are the reason I say this.
It is important, I want some thing, and good to know the different ways.

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Answer by David
First off, what are you doing with this multimedia server? Is it just going to be a data bank for videos and gaming? Is this for friends to use or cloud gaming?

Also, servers are very expensive costing around $ 2000 and more. As for the operating system, which linux OS do you plan to use? If you want virtual capabilities on your server, you need to use a bare metal supervisor like ESXi. It can get complicated and expensive for what you plan to do. Try researching a bit more on virtualization.

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