Best Web Hosting Solution?

Question by Armen M: Best web hosting solution?
What is a better solution for a database-driven (PHP/MySQL) website expecting major growth in the near future? Dedicated server? Cloud? Other?

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Answer by Malaka
Dedicated Servers provide high performance for all your business and application. You can start with a Dedicated Server and move to a cloud as you grow.

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  1. CheapestSiteHosting says:

    first choose shared hosting server which is more than enough for starting a website, plan according to the growth and move to some dedicated server which would beneficial after some months in the budget and support factors.

  2. Amy says:

    Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to know what web hosting service is the cheapest and reliable… Some are very cheap and provide horrible service, some are expensive and can’t make you happy!…

    I personally use HostGator. I’ve been with them since many years, hosting more than 10 websites via one account. Their customer support is the best, available every day, 24/24. They also have wonderful tutorials worth $ $ $ $ to help you build your website (you don’t need to be graduate in programming!). The location of your site doesn’t really matter and HostGator are international. They support unlimited domains, storage and transfer. If you want just one domain, you need to choose the Hatchling pack. For the unlimited domains you’d need the Baby package, and there’s no need to go for the more expensive Business plan unless you need private SSL, Private IP, Toll Free Number… etc (for a top business website). HostGator supports instantly scripts installation (they have more than 50 free scripts for you to use), offers 4500 website templates, free SiteBuilder, SiteStudio Website Building Tools, $ 100 Google Adwords Credit.

    Other hosting websites I tried were really outdated, with bad customer service or just trying to rip me off! (I had a lot of trouble with GoDaddy for example)

    HostGator have the latest cPanel (control panel), seriously prevent Spam, guarantee your website inclusion in Google, Yahoo and Bing, scan for malware and Google Blacklisting, help you improve your search ranking and are even climate friendly (they are ‘Green web hosting’ = they invested in Texas Wind Energy to help offset server emissions!)… and more.

    These HostGator discount coupon codes will save you a lot of money in case you want to use their hosting services:

    CROCODILE994OFF = for $ 9.94 discount (for example, if you opt for the baby plan, it will start from $ 0.01 only!)
    CROCODILE25OFF = this code will give you a 25% discount)

    The HostGator video-tutorial below will show you the steps. The best of luck!

  3. ? says:

    Dedicated server cost more and needs more effort in managing.
    I believe that BEST is relative to your requirements – what are you looking for ?
    cheapest ? most sophisticated (do you have the abilities to maintain it yourself) ? etc.

    Personally, I like Amazon and rackspacecloud (for php/mysql – you can install a CMS like drupal/joomla/wordpress). If you don’t have the abilities to install and maintain a website (you need all kinds of technical skill like IT/DBA/programmer etc) then a platform like should be more appropriate.

  4. prp says:

    If your pocket allows then go for cloud otherwise Dedicated server will be good.