Is this good had my AQA english language. I described for only like 2 pages is it good? What did you do?

Question by ?j?O?s?H??:D??ARSENAL!?: Is this good had my AQA english language. I described for only like 2 pages is it good? What did you do?
I did the describe i did a bus journey i described the whole look of the bus like blood red city bus and how battered it was for like a few lines then described me entering going the raised platform finding my perch on the upper deck. I personified the chairs and described them. This was for like a paragraph it was only after i started describing the journey like what was on the way and stuff. Then i just personified it again saying how the bus heaved and squealed as it turned the bend. then the bus being filled with people scurrying up the to the upper deck, then the bus service resumed and a dirty vagrant came to sit next to me. Described him 4 some time like his attire smell touched on the 5 senses, then about how it started too rain personified the rain and clouds and stuff then just description of what i saw from the window. From the window i talked about like i saw a construction site people drilling against the uprooted earth and grass freshly cut and them standing up in attention and buildings etc.

Ahh i did loads and even more but this is long enough already i did like 2 pages on this. Do you think its gd i used all the punctuation types i left the exam thinking i didnt do as well because i didnt finish it. Did anyone finish the description? I didnt finish the description in the mocks only did a page and got an A so do you have to finish to acquire good marks?

What did you do loads of ppl did the train and what was your storyline for your journey i just want to compare?

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Answer by Miss Dee-Louise
for section B, i did the first question where you had to write a magazine article informing people about something that concerns you. i wrote an article informing people on the importance of sponsoring a child. i thought that one went really well. hopefully it will have brought my mark up a lot more. i wrote 3 pages with loads of facts and persuasive and poetic device techniques. i was advised against doing an inform question because it can be diffiuclt to write enough as you dont always know enough to get the good marks. luckily for me ive been studying this topic for a while now as im convincing my mum to help me get the money to sponsor a child. i think it went really well. i was so proud of myself lol.


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