How is file sharing different from cloud computing?

Question by phuckconservativehate: How is file sharing different from cloud computing?

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Answer by almaciga
I cannot tell either way. But then again I am of the thought that if an artist does not want to share his art then do not sell it. When I buy a cd I have already paid for his art and he is making enough profit from me. I can do with it what ever I want and the internet is for the consumer who pays for that service to use. At first the internet was free. Then they made you pay for it and told us that it was commercial free, now you have to be contented with having commercials. The same with cable now there are commercials everywhere.

I remember when I paid $ 99 per year for internet after Net Zero started charging because they charged them for the telephone lines. Then even the telephone started getting expensive. Reagan and his deregulations made a real mess that only benefited the greedy bastards.

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