What Do You Think About Barak ‘Hussein’ Obama’s Body-Language?

Question by NeptunesSon: What Do You Think About Barak ‘Hussein’ Obama’s Body-Language?
Whenever the man is questioned i.e., re: Tony Rezco or on a an utterly incorrect statement i.e. when he said so emphatically,

“Al Queida was never in Iraq until the US entered that country” to topple his namesake Sadam “Hussein” … he stutters, stammers, hesitates and stumbles about verabally groping … not good, not good at all, indicates being “caught in a lie”?

How about the way he struts about on the platform in that obvious a “pusedo-preacher like style”, spewing out the same hackneyed, tired, boring, empty rhetoric, i.e., “Yes we can”, “Faith” “Hope” blah blah …

He actually walked out on a Press conference in a huff when reapeatedly asked about his long term relationship with Tony Rezco, and the special price on his palacial mansion ala Tony … he strutted out saying “I have already answered “8” questions” Only 8 !!!!

He better get out of the clouds, he will be asked a whole lot more than 8 questions during the General Election!

What say you?

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Answer by Ida
i say you are not voting for him and i will. so it really dont matter what i say you have your mind made up and i really dont feel like arguing with you.

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9 Responses to “What Do You Think About Barak ‘Hussein’ Obama’s Body-Language?”

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  1. pOrkrOd says:

    Resko swindled a lot of Chicago politicians, not just Obama.

    The problem with Obama is his lack of experience. I live in Illinois and he is only the second best Senator here. Maybe someday he’ll make a great leader after he learns how to be a good Senator.

  2. Max S says:

    It’s true.
    Once he’s off “message” the lack of experience begins to show.He’s not good on the defensive.If he’s the candidate he’s in for a rough campaign.
    I give him credit for having been so smooth for so long.Most national candidates,even experienced ones are not that smooth.
    He’s as good as a professional actor.
    I’m amazed nobody has brought up the old Robert Redford movie “The Candidate”.
    There are a few interesting similarities between Obama and Redfords portrayal of a dark horse,Kennedyesque Senatorial candidate who suprises everybody and wins.
    At the end,just after Redford’s character learns he’s won,he’s alone in a room with his campaign advisor and says
    “I can’t believe we won.Now what do we do?”
    If Obama wins he’ll be asking the same question.

  3. Christopher says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Antichrist…
    He has the exact same traits as Hitler!
    This is a fact!
    He is Muslim, does not support the flag, has a wife that just became “proud” of America, and many other things….
    People will see once he is in there..

  4. talus057 says:

    I promise to reflect upon my mortal sin and lack of common sense all the way to the voting booth, right up until I pull the lever to vote … for Obama.

  5. GiddyupG says:

    Ignore the abusive obamazombie paid hacks.
    You’re right, he’s a bumbling idiot on serious cross examination, on anything.

  6. marzmargs12 says:

    It looks like he is reading the evening news.Maybe he should apply for a job on television.

  7. slyham166 says:

    Obama has Been Classy,Calm,Respectful,Polite,Intelligent,AND MOST OF ALL”Cool”.He has made me Proud to be an American again.He has Inspired a nation.Put his neck on the line to be a part of Bringing America back to its Glory Through Honesty and Truth.Obama has not let the Corrupt at heart Corrupt his message and the way he presents it.GOD HAS blessed America with his” Presence” .Don’t miss the Blessing!!!

    Obama 2008!!!

  8. Warlock says:

    Sometimes I wonder whether it’s worth asking these questions. After you ask a valid question you have to put up with the Obamaphiles abuse. Still the truth come out.
    Yes, He lies, as does every politician. Trouble is, unlike other politicians he can’t handle pressure or criticism. Can you just imagine him in talks with a foreign nation….stuttering and shifting around when asked a question that he can’t say “yes I can” to? The US is already the laughing stock of the western world due to George W Bush. Must we hide our heads in shame when they elect a liar??? For everything GWB is, atleast the man doesn’t lie. He said I’m going to invade iraq….people elected him! He didn’t make false promises (he didn’t make any promises). Obama….fake fake fake. Say it with me….FAKE. There is no “hope” for the US. If he wins, then all the starry eyed imbeciles who voted for him will realize…”No. He can’t”

  9. Lilith D says:

    I think he carries himself with confidence. He was frustrated with the questions because they were the same questions just worded differently. How many times does he have to answer the same question?