What Do You Think About Barak ‘Hussein’ Obama’s Body-Language?

Question by NeptunesSon: What Do You Think About Barak ‘Hussein’ Obama’s Body-Language?
Whenever the man is questioned i.e., re: Tony Rezco or on a an utterly incorrect statement i.e. when he said so emphatically,

“Al Queida was never in Iraq until the US entered that country” to topple his namesake Sadam “Hussein” … he stutters, stammers, hesitates and stumbles about verabally groping … not good, not good at all, indicates being “caught in a lie”?

How about the way he struts about on the platform in that obvious a “pusedo-preacher like style”, spewing out the same hackneyed, tired, boring, empty rhetoric, i.e., “Yes we can”, “Faith” “Hope” blah blah …

He actually walked out on a Press conference in a huff when reapeatedly asked about his long term relationship with Tony Rezco, and the special price on his palacial mansion ala Tony … he strutted out saying “I have already answered “8” questions” Only 8 !!!!

He better get out of the clouds, he will be asked a whole lot more than 8 questions during the General Election!

What say you?

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Answer by Ida
i say you are not voting for him and i will. so it really dont matter what i say you have your mind made up and i really dont feel like arguing with you.

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