Virtual Cloud Concept, how can i run os in different clients?

Question by : Virtual Cloud Concept, how can i run os in different clients?
I am talking about completely new concept. I dont know that is available or not.
Concept is:
One server, I will connect several keyboards and monitors, I dont use thin clients, I use USB to connect mouse keyboard and monitor, Consider I have connected 10 Monitrors keyabords and mouse, Now I want to run OS instance in all machines, without using a thin client. here we connect monitores keyboard and mouse directly to the server by USB ports, server should decide handling I/P and O/P for perticular client. Its very difficult to explain. I hope you understood the concept.

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Answer by superant10000
I’m pretty sure that you need a machine for each different user, because a server doesn’t have the ability to log in more than one user at once, but it can handle and monitor other users from a single account (administrator).
For large networks, what you see are Lots of individual pc’s connected over a Local Area Network directly to the server, each with their own account which is linked to the Server O/S (Windows 2003, Ubuntu Server edition, etc…)

I’m not 100%, but I am pretty sure that you can not run more than one user at one time from 1 machine, server or desktop pc, without using an emulated operating system maybe, but that would be terribly shit slow.

You could try and develop your own BIOS (Basic Input Output System) to handle multiple inputs of the same peripherals, but you’d probably have to then base the server around your own O/S which was made to run more than one account, displaying each seperate one to a different monitor, and being controlled by a different mouse/keyboard.

If you ever did manage it, you would need a super processor and a LOT of RAM.

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