What Makes You Happy?

Question by ??? Im Awsm & u btr belv it ???: What makes you happy?
I am the type of person that will forgive anyone for anything
i like anything cute (i am not talking about boys blech…) and am usually a happy random good ol’ person….i like fluffy clouds ice cream and cake and the only boy i am in love with is honey sempai from ouran host club
my catch phrase is either “thats nice” or “thats not nice”

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Answer by deaddolly
money, my dogs, my daughter, my car, and my horror collections.

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  1. Cupcake says:

    when people press pause so i dont miss anything

    i had another saw dream
    this time tho it was me and this hot guy and this girl who was keira knightley/mischa barton and the big scary guy from saw 2 watching a dvd and she kept kissing the hot guy even tho he was mine >:l
    then the scary guy tried to kill us all so i shouted

  2. That Inuit Dude says:

    Kind and caring people

  3. I'm S?r? ? says:

    I love people :)

  4. love2B says:

    Aw, you sound like a nice person. :–D

    What makes me happy:
    saving animals
    my pets / dogs
    running / rowing
    building something (wood work)

  5. ? Sydney says:

    my friends and family

  6. The Way of All Bored Goats says:

    Being happy makes me happy, I suppose…

  7. Secret Passion says:

    the fact that my two friends have finally kissed after a month of should i shouldnt i

  8. Mike says:

    my ex can always make me happy… nothing else really ever makes me truly happy.

  9. William says:

    Snowboarding, Biking, Flying, My Dog, Bars, Drugs, Working out and always beating the other Crew at work.
    I’m a little protective, Grandma says it’s the Italian in me, Other than that I’m laid back.

  10. sharen d says:

    Just to be able to be content with what I have.Wanting more than you can handle just gets you into debt.

  11. Rose says:

    Skain,family,friends,god(when he helps me), loads of things!!!