Q&A: good Book titles for something im writing?

Question by rawr: good Book titles for something im writing?
I need a title for this book im writing! Here is something from the middle of the story.

Now I wasn’t mad at Addie, I was mad at the thing (How about from now on we call it the unicorn, Okay?) that took her. It wasn’t her fault, she was probably just walking to the bus, and then the unicorn just, took her. She probably couldn’t help it. (Sorry, am I rambling on?)(If so I’m gonna shut up now.)

Then I heard that horrid sound. It was the all ominous unicorn.

Shai jumped straight up, this time she was the first one down the ladder. The sound had jarred me from my reverie, now I was still trying to find out how I got to where I was. Suddenly Shai yelled up to me from her bike, “Come on! What the heck are you doing? Come on we don’t have time to see the grass grow! Get down here!”

That got me to realize what just happened. I got up went down the ladder as fast as I could without maiming myself in the process. Before I got on my bike I looked up at the sun, which was almost right above us, so I figured it was almost noon. I saw clouds, the sun and birds and planes. There was nothing unusual in the sky, though. “Check the ground!” Shai demanded. We saw a small dune buggy from the future gliding in the air maybe a foot from the barren ground.

“Get on your bike!” Shai insisted, trying to wake me from my trance. I was staring right at the dune buggy, unmoving. I was like a little two year old wondering how a roller coaster moves with nothing pulling it. The dune buggy from 2050 was hurtling right towards us.

“Ride! Let’s get out of here!” Shai yelled. I jumped on her bike, which I was borrowing and pedaled as fast as I could over the dead tall grass. The thing was going very slow now. Almost like a jet liner getting ready to stop. That’s when it hit me.

“It’s stopping! Hide!” I half yelled at Shai. I was trying to be quiet so the thing/oompa loompa wouldn’t notice us, though I doubted it hadn’t yet. We rode behind a large bush and dropped our bikes. We plopped down on the grass, still covered in the early morning dew. The dark sky wasn’t doing us any good. It just made the situation look that much darker.

“What are we going to do now?” Shai whispered

“Just be quiet and get down low.” I replied

“They’re coming out.” I said, “Here they come.”

We watched intently as the people alighted. But they really weren’t people. They were gnomes! The little men came down off the platform of their dune buggy from 2050, looked around and stalked off. Rather than stalked let’s say waddled.

Once they were gone we sneaked to their dune buggy. Well, up the thing doesn’t look so much like a dune buggy any more. It was more like a humongous covered jeep. We crawled up the ramp and went into the huge jeep. At the front there were two huge steering wheels and some monitors.

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Answer by KillianL
“Strangers Arrive”

“Journey to tomorrow”

“The New Arrivals”

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