I Have a Spare Web Server at Home Can I Make Money Off of It?

Question by Jared M: I have a spare web server at home can I make money off of it?
I have a spare web server at home that I do not use (I have high speed internet 100mbs down 15 mbs up. I was looking for easy ways to rend it, but could not find anything online other than people selling you software and services to make your own business selling your space on your web server. My question is, is there a company out there where they rent the usage of your server, but do all the work looking for customers and they pay you for usage of their server? For example you download their software which connects it to their server cloud and they as the company rent the space and pay you for the usage of your server in their cloud. Does something like this exist at all? Is there any easy way like this to rent out the use of your server?

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