Q&A: How many years are left before the second coming?

Question by : How many years are left before the second coming?
Do you believe me that there is only about 25 years left and that there is coming to this world great tribulation, wars and starvation. Our word has and is continuing in wickedness and God must cleans the earth before he can come. For the lord says that he cannot look upon sin in the least degree and for this cause there is great tribulation coming to man kind. For when the time will come the lord say that only 25 percent of the worlds population will be left to meet him at his coming. For all shell see who are left upon the earth Jesus Christ coming down from heaven in a cloud with the hosts of Heaven. To reign upon the earth for a thousand years then comith the end of the world.What say you do ye believe: what is your answer to my question.

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Answer by Megan
He already came. We’re working on his 3rd visit. It should be any day now.

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