What are the names of these games?

Question by : What are the names of these games?
Hi! A long time ago I used to have a computer like this but then it got upgraded when it got like a virus on it; http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/64/Windows_XP_Luna.png

And now, I have a laptop and that computer doesn’t work anymore.
I used to play some of the games when I was little, so I was wondering what the names of these games are..

1. The first game that I played was like where you have to bounce a ball back and forth when it comes down after hitting blocks. There’s like this block thing at the bottom you control, and when the little ball comes down, you have to go where its going so you can bounce it back up towards the blocks.
2. The second game was where you have to like balance a ball in a 3d platform, I think there were spikes or somewhere that if you got the ball in there, it would pop and you would have to start over.
3. The third game was a game that reminded me of Hello Kitty. It wasn’t Hello Kitty though, I’m not sure because I can’t remember that one but all that I remember is that it reminds me of Hello Kitty.
It had pink characters or whatever, and it was in the clouds. Like little cartoon characters.

Can anybody help me and tell me the names of these games?
Please! I’ve been wondering for a couple days now. Any help is appreciated.


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Answer by Gradicus
1. arkanoids (has many other names)
2. marble madness, marble blast or kula world ?
3. kirby’s dreamland ?

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