Do You Ever Dream About Jesus?

Question by Lime Kitty – Atheati Emperor: Do you ever dream about Jesus?
Last night, Jesus came to me in a dream.

I said, “Hi, Jesus.”

And he said “Hi, Lime Kitty.”

And I said “What’s shakin’ big fella?”

And he said “I was thinking about coming back. But I’m afraid that if I come in on my flying cloud with my host of angels, the Air Force will detect us on radar. And since the cloud doesn’t have a radio I won’t be able to identify myself, and then they may launch missiles at us. I mean, seriously. I don’t even like iron chariots, you think I want a missile launched at me?”

I said, “That sounds like a serious problem, Jesus.”

Best answer:

Answer by LOL Jesus
oh hai

jeezus haz stealth coating


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15 Responses to “Do You Ever Dream About Jesus?”

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  1. Hippie [Atheati Splinter Cell] says:

    I thought Jesus came to me in my dreams once. Turns out it was just a hobo with long hair and a beard that broke into my house.

  2. Paradigm PFP says:

    Send Sir Gawain in first that always worked for Arthur.

  3. LadyLost says:


    Is this supposed to funny or what?

  4. Ahhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh says:

    Maybe he’ll just come as a hologram, webcam transmission, or live satellite feed?

  5. bailersss says:

    that’s kinda scary =/
    i’d be really scared to have a dream about Jesus, or like a vision or something.

  6. Jeremy T says:

    Jesus has just been biding his time, inventing an effective chariot-mounted anti-missile system. Every time he finishes one the US government goes that 1 step further.

    Lime Kitty – there is obviously a deep and beautiful message he was trying to give you. Search within your soul.

    Maybe it’s a message to destroy all surface to air missiles in the USA?

  7. Glorious says:

    you know, that explains A LOT.
    you might want to start sleeping in your lime hat.

  8. THE NOLTE: Yamster ate my face!! says:

    I wish my dreams were that cool. Unfortunately, The Nolte typically suffers with nightmares. Last night I had a rather disturbing one….the planet’s entire whiskey supply was depleted. Needless to say, I awoke panicked and in a cold sweat.

  9. Lanosrep Noitamrofni says:

    I did when I was younger before I had fully rejected the doctrine. Every Christmas and Easter I would have dreams of a crucifix of Jesus on the ceiling (of all places) above me, and his face used to open up, and worms would drop out and fall all over me. I would take the worms and put them in a garbage bag and toss them down the garbage chute and they would climb back up, and keep coming towards me, covering me in worms. This nightmare reoccurred from age 4 until about age 11…
    Some religious people believed I was greatly affected by imagery of Jesus and this happened because of my spiritual energy. The same way that nuns make my hairs stand on end. I don’t know, but as soon as I stopped believing, the dreams went away. And that’s my story.:)

  10. Mr. Monopoly says:

    That does sound like a dilema for the man

  11. Deckard says:

    I dream of Jeannie, with the light brown hair.
    Actually, sometimes I dream of Jeannie, she’s a light brown hare, but only after watching Bugs Bunny.
    I’m afraid with my busy dream schedule, Jesus doesn’t get a look in. That’s probably why you get the Jesus dreams.
    Sorry about that.

  12. Jeancommunicates says:

    The devil is playing games with you.

    When Christ returns the sky will roll back as a scroll and nothing will be able to fly in the sky much less a missile. You forget that Jesus spoke this world into existence and by His Word all things are held together. You also forget the sun will turn black and the moon will turn to blood and the stars will fall from the sky.

    I promise you the Air Force will be grounded on the ground flat of their face with no capability of standing up. One of God’s angels slew 185,000 men in less than a day. How many angels do you want to fight?

  13. Reverend Avenged Sevenfold says:

    I’ve played Chess with Satan in my dreams

    I dunno who won as I woke up

  14. TRUTH says:

    oh what a stupidity.HMM Jesus probably is trying to tell you to behave better because he is coming soon.TAKE IT VERY SERIOUSLY>ITS WORTH IT>You are nuts

  15. rp says:

    well lime kitty…

    the air force is REALLY REALLY smart. I think they could figure out it was jesus. When I was little I lived on an air force base. (well several air force bases.. Luke AFB and Holloman AFB.) But when I lived on Holloman AFB I remember one December there was a news report about santa’s sleigh being reported on radar and how it was a big deal and how the base was going to send up the F16’s to escort santa. It was pretty cool * granted I was like 7 at the time*

    So anyways, I think the air force will know that it is Jesus and he doesn’t have to worry about missiles.

    To answer your question, I haven’t dreamt of Jesus. I have had dreams of Mary though….