Do you ever dream about Jesus?

Question by Lime Kitty – Atheati Emperor: Do you ever dream about Jesus?
Last night, Jesus came to me in a dream.

I said, “Hi, Jesus.”

And he said “Hi, Lime Kitty.”

And I said “What’s shakin’ big fella?”

And he said “I was thinking about coming back. But I’m afraid that if I come in on my flying cloud with my host of angels, the Air Force will detect us on radar. And since the cloud doesn’t have a radio I won’t be able to identify myself, and then they may launch missiles at us. I mean, seriously. I don’t even like iron chariots, you think I want a missile launched at me?”

I said, “That sounds like a serious problem, Jesus.”

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Answer by LOL Jesus
oh hai

jeezus haz stealth coating


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