Really weird dreams lately?..?

Question by : Really weird dreams lately?..?
I’ve bee having really weird dreams lately. Some There so complicated its hard to explain!

One I had was the other night and what happened was I was in a green field with hills and pretty flowers with a blue sky. I walked over with dad to this scitech thing where you could go under water and swim with fish and everything. It was like an underground pool. Dad said if something happens to me don’t try to help because there are people here who can help me. I walked off in my dream back into the field and suddenly black clouds were coming over. It got so windy and big tornadoes were everywhere! I ran to the scitech thing and jumped onto a platform to help dad when I realized he said not to so I jumped off. My little brother was with me and he wanted to help so he jumped in. I started to pull him out because there were cords in the water and somehow he didn’t get electrocuted! Suddenly I was in this weird place fighting people because they wouldn’t let dad out. I was hitting them with my favourite necklace in the face and they would fall and die. In the end I got dad out and the dream was finished.

The others have been worse than that! Really weird! I never have dreams like this..

Mum gets home from work at night and usually I’m asleep but shell come and say goodnight. Over the past couple of weeks she’s noticed I’ve covered my ears and thrown my blanket over my head like I was really scared! Why would this be happening?

Thanks for reading and answering:)

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Answer by jamesthelesser
Welcome to the Aquarian.Authority figures in dreams are used by the subconscious to represent our Creator.Water in many realms has spiritual significance.Looks to me you are a spiritual warrior on the side of God.Congratulations!Thanks for sharing.The world needs more like you.With a positive group consciousness we will be able to overturn the mess left over from the Piscean Age.

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