Q&A: I had a dream. Can anyone interpet it at all? I was very interesting, but confusing.?

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Question by detroit_lions2012: I had a dream. Can anyone interpet it at all? I was very interesting, but confusing.?
Last night, I had an odd dream. I was wondering if anyone could explain it at all. I don’t remember all of it (I have a hard time doing that). So here it is:
I was at this giant lake or ocean. It was during the day, but it was dark. There were clouds everywhere. On the shore, there was this giant wooden fortress/house built onto a cliff. Almost everyone I knew was there, either out on the water or walking through the cliffs and house. Then, out on the water a giant sea monster emerged from the water. Waves splashed out and hit the shore with force. A few of my friends were out on the water on these floating platforms (in the air, not on the water) and were fighting the monster. I raced through the house and tried to get everyone safe. I was knocked into the water and a huge cruise ship rescued me. Then the monster threw a rock at it and it sank. As I was being submerged with the boat, I slammed my eyes closed and imagined the dock. Next thing I knew, I was lying on the deck. I ran up and stood next to the stairs. I closed my eyes again and I was on top of the fortress, a platform in the cliff was right next to me with a large, mossy stone staircase leading up to it. A group of people walked up it and they started talking. Then I closed my eyes again to teleport and I didn’t go anywhere. Then, I fell off the cliff and landed safely on the ground. Another group of people walked by and one of my friends took out his trombone and started playing “Holiday in Cambodia”. For the rest of the dream, he showed up randomly and played the same thing. Soon after that, a fireball hit me and I hit it back. It hit the monster and then I woke up.

Sorry for how long it is, I tried to put as much details into it as I remember. Anyone have any answers?

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