Q&A: More Math Questions Please Answer and Show Work Much Appreaciated :D?

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Question by lee3444: more math questions please answer and show work much appreaciated :D?
1.a rocket flies off course for 45 degrees how far from correct path is it

6meter ladder leaning against a wall angle formed is 25 degrees

2. how far is the base off the ladder from the wall

how far up the wall does the ladder reach

if the wall is 7 m high will a 2m tall person standing on top of the ladder see over the wall

3. an airplanes is flying at an altitude of 10km and you see it at a 55 degree angle

how far is the airplane from you

how far away is it from the ground underneath it

4.a lighthouse is on a steep cliff the top is 30meters above sea level, a small boat is seen from the lighthouse at a 28 degree angle from the horizon find how far the boat is from the base of the cliff

5.the rafters form a 24 degree angle,the height of the roof support is 2.5 m find the width of the house

6.a forester is surveying the height of Torres

he walks 15 meters from a tree and the angle is 74 degrees how tall is the tree

he walks 20 m and now the angle is 69 degrees what is the height of the tree

7.a fireman is looking at the ground from a 30m fire tower he sees a fire at an angle 3 degrees how far is he from the fire

8. a fir mann is looking up from a platform at the top of a 20m fire tower he sees a water bomber above a fire at an angle of 12 degrees if hes 250m from the fire what is the height of the water bomber

9. an airport controller shines a light vertically in the air. an observer measures angle of the light to the clouds to be 56 degrees. if the horizontal distance from the light to the observer is 200m what is the height of the clouds

please help me with these

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Answer by mom w
You are kidding!

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  1. Reg Fernandes says:

    try asking them as SEPARATE questions