Q&A: Cloud Computing the End of IT Career?

Question by charchar88: Cloud Computing the end of IT career?
I recently just got a certified as a Microsoft Systems Engineer and Cisco certified as well and I am working to upgrade to Server 2008 soon this year. I’m going to graduate college in another year so I’m not really working a full time career other than part time.

However I’m reading all this stuff about Cloud Computing and this and that and I’ve got to wonder if I am wasting all my effort and time if my certs and what I’m learning now will not be in demand 5 to 10 years from now.

Cloud Computing basically removes all the IT from the business to one massive securely controlled data center which essentially throws any need or demand of IT support or admin/system’s support out the window because everything will be done online ect.

I’m also not sure how Microsoft will encounter this in their server products post 2012 either.

So am I wasting my time or will my skills be in demand in the future?

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Answer by JDoramaKing
Don’t be surprised! Soon, the IT department will soon be one person that just brings you a very cheap computer that is not worth fixing. No need for high memory because all of the hard work will be on the server at the company in the cloud. The data centers are probably gonna be located in India.

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  1. Judy says:

    The IT world changes every day, and isn’t likely to look just like it is today, by the time you graduate.

    That said, IT skills will still be needed. “Cloud” or no (and it’s far from sure that reality will match hype) someone will still have to understand how things work.

    It will be very important to keep your skills current during your career – things WILL change. But it’s gradual, not like one day everything used the day before is suddenly gone or obsolete.

  2. jobbend says:

    So think if it this way: If a company is going to a cloud model, who is running the cloud? It just means that people are needed in a different space, not the end of needing qualified, skilled individuals.

  3. Radicular says:

    They will still need people to help with all things IT related, such as in those centers, you could work in a center like that. You could use your expertise in developing the internet itself…and no matter what, hardware will always be needed somewhere…because the cloud needs to be running from somewhere, and that would be centers in this case.

    The best thing I would recommend is to talk to someone who in knowledgeable in the field, such as the professors/teachers teaching you these courses.

    Good luck!