What do i need to learn to make my own open source photoshop like program?

Question by SoBeIt(3rdaccount): What do i need to learn to make my own open source photoshop like program?
i have only introductory knowledge of c++ and understanding of most ideas in programming. But i really lack any skills, what i am looking to instead is gather a community and build a photoshop like tool. Can you be a profitable company and have non profit projects going on. i have read books on managing non profit companies. I like photoshop, but they are too slow in their progress, i have taken a look into GIMP, an open source photoshop alternative but it seems its build more from a perspective of programmer than designer. It just feels primitive, and lacks lots of features, work flow is unintuitive and less simple.
So i have ideas, vision, and parts of plan.
I want to start a non profit project how do i go about it.
I want it to be like mozilla.
I want to be everything that photoshop is, i am an expert user of photoshop, and everything that it should be and more. As open source it’d not only enhance by within community but will also adapt any good feature from newer releases of Photoshop within weeks. It will be a combination of illustrator and Photoshop made to be hosted on cloud computers as an option….so apparently you can see i have vision, all i thought about is through out hs is how to make this annoying program easier. I tried learning to program, but it just comes at cost of creativity, i cant have that.

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Answer by Thomas Standiford
Ask the gimp developer team, if anyone can help you it would be them. Although, I do have to say tht I disagree with you about photoshop and gimp. I do gimp tutorials and would be happy to help you iron it these workflow issues. Feel free to find me on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GimpTutorials/258785994164787 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/alexstandiford Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115462925579015280773/posts

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