Why Is My Minecraft Running Slow, Not Smooth?

Question by : Why is my minecraft running slow, not smooth?
For christmas i got a new desktop computer. It is more than capable of running minecraft. Specs- 6gb RAM, 3.30ghz i3 processer, 64bit windows 7. However when i play minecraft, it seems to be choppy. My old laptop that crashed ran it smoother than that. I installed java 7 64 bit, it seemed to help but i still averaged 7-10fps. My graphics are on fast, with clouds turned off. I dont know if i need to update some other java platform. Also my 6gb of ram is not running out, i checked when i play the game, it only uses 700mb of it at MAX. I also close out everything, except google chrome at times, so nothing is taking up extra ram, im almost sure it has to be something with java. I checked with windows task manager btw.

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Answer by sasha
It sounds like it should be running really well

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  1. raju gupta-chaudhary says:

    make sure the pc is as it should be
    iobit defrag on full optimize setting
    diskcleanup tick all
    int explorer delete all do not tick the very top box but rest
    on iobit they do a care 5 free software install do all then unload all of these apart from ccleaner.
    then reboot
    but! b4 all this check the specs it may be a platform incompatability

  2. G says:

    You may have a virus, spyware, or simply too many applications running on your system.

  3. Nina says:

    Increase the memory usage of Minecraft.create a new text file and then rename the text file as minecraft.bat. Open it and place the following lines inside the .bat file:”Your java path here/javaw.exe” java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar “Your minecraft path here/minecraft.exe”.Hit F3 to make sure the allocated memory changed while running minecraft. Also try giving Java a priority in the task manager.