Why is my minecraft running slow, not smooth?

Question by : Why is my minecraft running slow, not smooth?
For christmas i got a new desktop computer. It is more than capable of running minecraft. Specs- 6gb RAM, 3.30ghz i3 processer, 64bit windows 7. However when i play minecraft, it seems to be choppy. My old laptop that crashed ran it smoother than that. I installed java 7 64 bit, it seemed to help but i still averaged 7-10fps. My graphics are on fast, with clouds turned off. I dont know if i need to update some other java platform. Also my 6gb of ram is not running out, i checked when i play the game, it only uses 700mb of it at MAX. I also close out everything, except google chrome at times, so nothing is taking up extra ram, im almost sure it has to be something with java. I checked with windows task manager btw.

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Answer by sasha
It sounds like it should be running really well

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