If You Think Barack Obama Is the Anti-Christ, Shouldn’t You Be Voting for Him?

Question by Lime Kitty – Atheati Emperor: If you think Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ, shouldn’t you be voting for him?
After all, if he is, once he gets in power wouldn’t that start a 7 year countdown until old J.C. comes in on his Cloud with his Host of Angels to pwnz0r all of us?

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Answer by Katie B
Yeah! What he said! *Pokes out tongue*

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15 Responses to “If You Think Barack Obama Is the Anti-Christ, Shouldn’t You Be Voting for Him?”

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  1. Vox Populi says:

    That lime is squeezing your head a little too tight there, kitty.

  2. turtles all the way down says:

    Jsus pwns mah sol.

  3. Hello!!! says:

    Not believe he is the anti-christ, but he could be a sidekick of the anti-christ.

  4. atheism_and_rats7 says:

    Mwahaha pwned!

  5. Steel Rain says:

    No, I would have to see him resurrected from a fatal head shot first to believe he is the man of perdition.

  6. Jack the Giant Killer says:

    I assure you that Obama is not the anti-Christ. He is just not charismatic enough, and the Jews don’t trust him.
    But one is for sure- Obama does show us that there are a lot of obviously stupid people in the USA.

    I wonder just how many idiots jumped on that bandwagon for a “change” and now wish they hadn’t?

  7. ? Lanosrep Noitamrofni says:

    I think the “Super delegates” already know who’s winning. I hate to think McCain (Anti-Christ) will win, only to continue the reign of the Bush Republican warmongers. But that’s what I feel will happen. Maybe I’m a pessimist. Okay, I am a pessimist.
    I am not American, but I heard of these Super delegates, and I think they know who’s getting in before the votes are even cast. Same here in Canada. I don’t think our democracy is very democratic.

  8. Jenny J says:

    What exactly is an anti-christ?

  9. Who's under that hat? says:

    Good point.

    “Hasten the day, Lord Jesus!”

    (yes, I’ve heard this said in church)

  10. Darth Eugene Vader says:

    The antichrist will rise to power in europe, Obama is not him.

  11. Mary Contrary says:

    I don’t give a toss.

  12. Svengali says:

    he’s kind of dull for an Antichrist, my moneys on Hilary

  13. Sips With A Fist says:

    As a Canadian in all seriousness, I am stockpiling my charcoal in anticipation of the Great Babbycue that is to come when Floaty Man descends upon us and showers us with condiments for our cheezbrgrz and babbies.

  14. lexie_17517 says:

    Obama is not the anti-christ. He doesn’t fit the criteria. I won’t be voting for Obama because he represents a change I definitely can’t believe in and most definitely a change I do not trust.

  15. Ken E says:

    Since I’m not American I won’t be voting for any of the b@st@rds.