Q&A: What Does This Poem Mean? I Dont Understand It at All and I Have to Analyze It for School?

Question by Maddy: what does this poem mean? I dont understand it at all and I have to analyze it for school?
James Joyce

Gaunt in gloom,
The pale stars their torches,
Enshrouded, wave.
Ghostfires from heaven’s far verges faint illume,
Arches on soaring arches,
Night’s sindark nave.

The lost hosts awaken
To service till
In moonless gloom each lapses muted, dim,
Raised when she has and shaken
Her thurible.

And long and loud,
To night’s nave upsoaring,
A starknell tolls
As the bleak incense surges, cloud on cloud,
Voidward from the adoring
Waste of souls.

Thank You!!! I’m not trying to cheat, I just do not understand it at all!! Just steer me towards the right track…

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Answer by Tim O
Sounds like a bunch of ruined wrecks in an opium den.

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6 Responses to “Q&A: What Does This Poem Mean? I Dont Understand It at All and I Have to Analyze It for School?”

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  1. Glitch says:

    im not sure, but it kinda sound like it could be about a war or riot breakin out at night. poems can usually mean more than one thing depending how u look at it

    and another guess it sounds like its talkin about the weather over a beach, like a thunderstorm kinda thing

  2. anonymous.......... says:

    well, it sounds spiritual and it sounds like it may be about spirits or souls or something like that. if this helps, notify me!!!

  3. AbFab says:

    Being brought from the darkness to the light by love, if even

  4. tuberose says:

    I suggest you read it aloud to yourself multiple times. If there are words you don’t understand, look it up in a dictionary. And talk to your teacher.

  5. iGObyTHEname'KYSSA' says:

    i think theres something to do with a dream, a nightmare perhaps, a nightmare where there it is so dark that the star is the only light.. there is no peace. people suffering from here to there. people fighting for their right and people dying for their right. i don’t know. 😀

    or maybe it just says that you could never trust the night coz its not safe going out alone in there when the stars are your only light and there must be violence somewhere and you might get involved. 😀

    thats what i think. :)

    hope it can help. :)

  6. True Deceptions says:

    Wow, that is the WORST poem that I have ever read. There is no flow, the words are pretty much meaningless, their true meanings lost in the jumbled mess. I don’t think that this poem even has a meaning.