Had a dream about falling in a helicopter. What does it mean?

Question by Pearl: Had a dream about falling in a helicopter. What does it mean?
Ok I need to make it clear that this is a dream i had a LONG time ago. Like when i was 5 or maybe 6 (i’m 14 now) but this dream has always been very clear in my mind. I had a recurring dream in the space of a few monthes, not ever night but regularly, and it was about falling. There was this playground near my house and it had a helicopter sort of jungle gym. Basically just a bunch of metal bars in the shape of a helicopter with a platform in the middle of it. So the dream was I would be hovering in the helicopter with my grandpa and then it would just start falling end over end quickly. I would be seeing this happening from third person not from my own eyes and it would be so fast that clouds would whiz upwards as we fell. Another interesting factor is our feet would never leave the platform even though we were spiraling. We stood in a casual stance the whole fall. When I’d wake up I’d always be sitting upright in the top corner of my bed. I was never particularly scared during the dream or when I woke up just confused. I remember looking both ways and crawling back under the covers each time and being totally fine. I know dreams of falling have some significance but really, I was 5, the thoughts going through my head were not very deep. Is there anything I can trace this dream back too? What was causing these subconscious thoughts all those years ago. I grew out of these dreams eventually but why does it stand out so well in my memory?

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Answer by piepgras
Dreams seem very real at a young age (especially between 5-7 years) because that’s when the majority of your brain is developing. That’s also the reason for kids waking with nightmares a lot at that age. I also have very clear dreams from back when I was young. The dream itself means nothing (as most dreams).

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