anyone know what this is saying ??

Question by NATASHA: anyone know what this is saying ??
Emitting rays of light from tufts of hair on his head and between his eyebrows, the Buddha illuminated countless worlds to the East, and also the one beyond them where the Buddha Wisdom Kin of the Pure Flower Constellation and the bodhisattva Wonderful Voice lived. This bodhisattva, who already had many great accomplishments, including attaining millions of different kinds of concentrations, when illumined by Shakyamuni Buddha expressed to the Buddha of his land his desire to go to the saha-world to pay tribute to Shakyamuni Buddha and visit various bodhisattvas. The Buddha there warned him that even though the saha-world is not smooth or clean and its Buddha and bodhisattvas are short, he should not disparage or make little of that world or think that its Buddha and bodhisattvas are inferior.
Then, through the power of his meditation, Wonderful Voice made eighty-four thousand gold and silver lotus flowers and other valuables appear not far from where Shakyamuni Buddha was sitting on Sacred Eagle Peak. Seeing them, Manjushri asked Shakyamuni Buddha what they signified. When the Buddha explained that the flowers meant that Wonderful Voice Bodhisattva was coming to visit, Manjuushri wanted to know what Wonderful Voice had done to gain such great powers and wanted to see him. And the Buddha said that Many Treasures Buddha would summon him.
Summoned by Many Treasures Buddha to come to see Manjushri, this extremely tall and handsome Wonderful Voice Bochisattva, accompanied by eighty thousand other bodhisattvas, came to the saha-world on a flying platform of the seven valuable materials, passing through all the worlds to the East, where the grounds quaked in the six ways, flowers rained down from the heavens, drums sounded in the heavens, etc. arriving at Sacred Eagle Peak, he descended from the platform, approached Shakyamumi Buddha, worshipped at his feet, presented him with a magnificent necklace, delivered various greetings and felicitations from the Buddha Wisdom King of the Pure Flower Constellation, and expressed the desire to see Many Treasures Buddha. Many Treasures, in turn, praised him for coming. Then the bodhisattva Flower Virtue wanted to know what Wonderful Voice had done to merit such great powers.
Shakyamuni Buddha explained that once upon a time there was a Buddha named King of the Sound of Thunder in the Clouds in whose realm the Bodhisattva Wonderful Voice lived. Because he offered many kinds of beautiful music and jeweled bowls to the Buddha King of the Sound of Thunder in the Clouds, he was reborn in the land of the Buddha Widsom King of the Pure Flower Constellation and was able to obtain great, divine powers. This bodhisattva is none other than the present bodhisattva Wonderful Voice. In previous lives he had taken many different forms—including women and girls, animals, gods and other heavenly beings, Buddhas, etc.—in order to teach the Lotus Sutra. He protects all living beings by taking whatever form—shravaka, pratyekabuddha, bodhisattva, Buddha—is appropriate for teaching them the Lotus Sutra.
When the Buddha taught this chapter, the eighty-four thousand who had come with Wonderful Voice and numerous other bodhisattvas of the saha-world won the ability to transform themselves into other living beings. Then Wonderful Voice made offerings to Shakyamuni Buddha and to the stupa of many Treasures Buddha, and returned home to the land of Wisdom King of the Pure Flower Constellation Buddha and reported to him.

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Answer by Billy Butthead
He’s saying,”Faith is the way of all believers”

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