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Question by : Meaning of the following dreams?
First: In this dream there was this giant pool, about three or four times the size of those olympic-sized pools, and an above water single-roomed house which erected above the water within this giant pool – which had another miniature (about 12’x12′) pool inside of it. Both of these pools had many different kinds of fish swimming around within them. So the dream started off as i was exploring the bigger pool… Not sure why i was doing this, but i kept grabbing random fish out of the water and tossing them back in. I kept on doing this until i saw the most beautiful fish; unlike the rest of them (which were orange and yellow for the most part) it was blue and quite bigger then the rest. Every time I tried to grab it but it bit me… though in time, i managed to grab it and take it out of the water. I took it and decided to keep it in the miniature pool within the house. I brought it in and let it go. Soon it was time to go and i had to board the miniature pool. When i was about to leave, i heard loud thumping sounds as if something was hitting and banging against the board that covered the miniature pool. All of a sudden the blue colored fish which i found earlier broke out from the board and flopped around bleeding all over the cement floor. I thought about letting the fish back into the bigger pool, but I couldn’t make up my mind… and i woke up. This dream i already had a few months ago, so this was a the second time i’ve had it.

Second: In this dream there was a winding tower which narrowed as it extended into the clouds. I remember having a notion that this was taking place in the ‘future’. This dream begun as i was climbing this tower, in a hurry, because something was after me. This tower was almost cone shaped with a winding road along the exterior. There were also a number of entry doors along the way as i went on. After a time of climbing i decided to enter one of these doors. It was really dark inside; there were many hallways, staircases and chambers. I proceeded within it, and as i walked along i saw many people that were diseased, very out of health, wearing rags, and some even chained in cells. Soon i found an entry way which led to a staircase which i started to climb. I climbed for a while until i reached the end of it where i stood on a platform, the peak of the tower. This platform appeared to be a ruin… as if the original peak of the tower has been torn off… as it seemed the tower should have extend much higher. This platform had a disfigured wall which divided the platform with an entrance way connecting the divisions. The end of the exterior path and the end of the interior stare case which i took form within the tower were on one side, and the other side had nothing but an edge or precipice. Upon getting to the top i walked across to the other side. As i looked standing on the edge i saw a city burning not too far off; i remember feeling some familiarity with this city and became upset. Soon after i heard steps behind me. I got closer to the dividing wall and peaked out from the entrance way. I saw a strange looking creature emerging from the staircase; the one which i also took. It had a figure of an oversized bull standing upright. It was mostly red in color and started to resemble the chinese dragon, in flames, carrying a scythe, as it got closer. I was terrified, in panic, unable to decide if i should jump the edge or confront the creature.

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Answer by Zia Lucia
These are very nice, detailed dreams, Bill, with lots of rich imagery.

I think the first dream represents your effort to have a relationship. It reminds me of the expression, “she’s not the only fish in the sea.” The large pool represents the dating scene or larger community where you try to “catch” a romantic partner, trying out many and discarding them before finding one you really want to keep.

The house is your personal life, and the small pool symbolizes the restricted limits you want to set for your relationship. In essence, it illustrates keeping your partner in captivity. When you prepare to leave and board up the small pool with the fish inside, this suggests that you have no understanding or concern for the needs of the fish/partner. (She) is injured and bleeding, indicating both physical and emotional abuse. Your inability to decide whether or not to free her, even after seeing her suffering, should be deeply troubling, because it is a very strong message to you from your subconscious mind.

The second dream seems to me to represent personal ambitions or professional aspirations rather than relationships. You want to climb very high – become very successful – and your efforts proceed easily as long as your career is “superficial” and you do not look beneath the surface of your ambition. The feeling of being pursued suggests your drive to keep ahead of the competition.

Entering the tower reveals the ugly underside of ambition and/or this particular career path. Many people are directly harmed, impoverished and denied basic needs including freedom. You do not seem to be influenced by the suffering around you but continue your climb toward your own goal. When you get to what you expect to be the top (success) you are disappointed. It is not what you expected it to be, it is not as high as you expected it to be, and there is nothing there. For the first time you feel some emotion about destruction “below,” that is, in your wake.

The dividing wall is an interesting symbol. It seems to separate the effort to reach the top (stairways) from the reality of what exists at the top (precipice.)

The creature that finds you at the top could symbolize your own judgement on your achievement. Alternatively, it might represent your fear of the consequences of your action/choices. Again, it certainly is not what you expected to encounter at the pinnacle of success.

Although these dreams deal with very different subjects, they both indicate that your inner self (subconscious mind or conscience) is urgently trying to notify your conscious (waking) mind that certain behaviors are not consistent with your true self.

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