I was given a .pub key for SSH?

Question by Fearful: I was given a .pub key for SSH?
I have a mac and need to ssh into a cloud server. Originally they gave me a ppk file for putty. Since I don’t have putty I told them that a ppk file would not work. They sent me a .pub file and the contents of a RSA file. When I try to use ssh -i xxx.pub [email protected] address I first get the usual prompt about adding a host but then I get prompted for a password. I didn’t create the key so I don’t know the passphrase for the key. Should I be doing something with the RSA file? I really don’t know all the nuances of all the key types (.pem, .pub RSA, DSA, SSH etc…). Any help here would be great.


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Answer by isis’s brother
WOW! you are way ahead of me. Probably no one will tell you
but in a year or two a new book for dummies will be out about it.

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