PS1 Gamers Needed: What Game is This?

Question by : PS1 Gamers Needed: What Game is This?
I’ve been trying to figure out this game for YEARS and YEARS, my dad really liked it and I thought I’d get it for him.
I remembered two playable characters, a girl, and a joker type guy (Not Dark Knight Joker), The joker was a crazy fracker.
I remember a starting level where you’re up in the sky or something on a platform of earth or something, like surrounded by clouds (It’s a side scroller), you’d move from this starting place under a wooden arch of sorts onto a wooden bridge. Later you’d continue to this clockwork tower thing, dodging enemies and I think you picked up items like orbs or crystals… It’s been so long…

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Answer by Shark


Metal Slug


Jersey Devil


Abe’s Oddessy

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