Dream Interpretation Help?

Question by Mr Tambourine Man: Dream Interpretation Help?
Could some who know what thy are talking about please help me understand the meaning of this dream I keep having…

It starts with me stood in an empty field, the grass is purple and the sky pink/yellow stripes, there is a group of 6/7 people stood just in my range of sight. Gradually these figures come towards me, I try to recognise the faces, I recognise two of the faces out of the group but cannot put names to the faces. These figures then start spinning in a circle around me, as they spin the faces keep changing. They spin faster and faster until they start to cut a hole in the ground. Eventually they disappear underground an I am left stood on a platform. The sky turns to fire clouds and two bunny rabbits appear from the ground between my legs. One of the rabbits talks to me a says something like “arruga dan spilkinholten, vista ra na tappy tappa” Then the sky fall away and leaves an image of a young child who claims to be my god. At this point I wake up.

I have never had vivid dreams like this and was wondering if there was any meaning behind this dream?

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Answer by Zia Lucia
This is a very nice dream… but, Mr. Tambourine Man, are you sure you’re not taking us for a trip on your magic sailing ship? Zia Lucia can’t help but be suspicious, having been around the jingle-jangle morning a time or two. Truthfully, as I read this dream my first thought is to knock off the weed for a while.

But an interpretation you shall have:
The first image, the purple field with pink/yellow striped sky is a slightly altered rendering of the Arizona state flag – purple and pink replacing blue and red. I’m thinking this is sunrise. You might also notice that purple, pink and yellow are Easter colors, which works nicely with the bunnies and the newly manifested god-child.

The people dancing in a circle (clockwise or counter-clockwise?) and the rabbits are also Pagan images. The dancers are re-enacting the annual death and burial of the agricultural god, which coincides with the death and burial of Christ, celebrated annually by Christians. This is followed, on the Spring Equinox, by the rebirth of the agricultural god-child and the corresponding resurrection of Christ. Combined, you have a nice little synchronistic Pagan/Christian springtime sunrise celebration.

Spoiling all that nice mythological analysis, we cannot overlook the fact that the child in the sky is derived from the Star Child in 2001: A Space Odyssey. See Wikipedia article, linked below.

The only message this dream might have for you is that you need to explore your own spiritual tradition and personal beliefs more seriously in order to determine what you actually believe yourself, as opposed to what you have been taught as a child to believe. And you need to lay off the weed – if you are not using, check out what cold or allergy medication you might be using, or any “energy” drinks that could be messing with your head.

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