Q&A: Can someone explain this dream?

Question by anoyums: Can someone explain this dream?
Can someone interpret this dream that I had?
The dream was about me being in a video game, I was in a prehistoric jungle background and I was defeating the bad guys. Now, I ended-up in a corner with a t-rex charging at me. Next, I got a hold of an item and I was able to get out of the corner. Now, the t-rex was chasing me and I turned into a bomb and exploded and it killed the the t-rex.

As a result, I ended-up high above the clouds in the sky. The was two platforms, each one was connect to each other by a pole on each platform and a rope attached to the top of each pole. I used the rope to get to the other platform and found a container. In the container was a purple bat. I grabbed the bat’s feet and it was flying me some where. After going a short distance, I fell off.

After I fell off, I was back at the same area with the t-rex. I was cornered like last time I turned into a bomb and exploded to kill the t-rex. But, the t-rex was still alive. So, I decided to jump and kick it and it ended being defeated. After that, the dream was over. Sorry for the long description, but that is all I could remember.

I went to dreammoods.com and look to see what it means. Don’t give me answers saying go to dreammoods.com or anything from that website. I want your own interpretation.

You know, dreams have meaning to them. Every a person has a dream that can tell that person something. I don’t want answers saying, it was just a dream, that dream don’t mean anything, you should of not ate that before you went to bed, or you watch too much TV. I only want serious answers please.

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Answer by Stephen K
perhaps you feel life is better understood if it was a video game

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