Should I Buy an Ipad 2 Instead of a Computer?

Question by TheNinja: Should i buy an Ipad 2 instead of a computer?
I currently own a very nice laptop that does everything that I could ever ask ask of it, now the question is can i buy an Ipad 2 and still do all the stuff that i do on my laptop on the Ipad 2? I am a student which means i use just about every Microsoft office program there is out there (powerpoint, word, excel, etc.) I watch alot of youtube, love to read, and love the interface of ipad. So if i can create documents on my ipad with word, would i be able to upload them to the internet? Say onto a cloud server and then get it off of the server and use it on a pc? My question really is, can i create powerpoints, word documents, excel graphs, etc. on an ipad 2 and then upload that to the internet, and then access it later from say a computer?

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Answer by Lib Nemesis
Complete waste of money

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  1. iamrlk says:

    I have an iPad1 and I love it!

  2. Art thou mankind¿ says:

    If you think you’ll be able to seriously and efficiently work on a device approximately the size of a sheet of paper, then go right ahead. Otherwise, your laptop would be more than enough.

    Though, I’d say the iPad 2 will do the tasks you want … especially if you’re craving those highly sought-after touchscreen features.

  3. Bio says:

    Apple has just made its second-generation iPad official! It features a 1GHz dual-core A5 chip and, finally, cameras, both on the front and rear. The new CPU is said to be up to twice as fast, with graphics performance up to nine times better than on the original iPad, while power requirements have been kept the same. Battery life is, consequently, unaltered, with Apple promising 10 hours.

    The iPad 2 is 33 percent thinner than its predecessor, at a mind-melting 8.8mm, and a little lighter at just over 600g, while paintjob options have been expanded: you’ll get a choice between white and black.

  4. greep says:

    Apple iPad 2 MC775LL/A Tablet.The iPad is not a laptop and is not principally a production computer, that is, a computer on which you are going to develop web pages, do serious graphics editing, or write a book.The iPad 2 is absurdly thin. More importantly than it’s thinness is its tapered edge which feels more natural in your hand. One of the biggest complaints about the original iPad was it really wasn’t tremendously comfortable to hold for long periods at a time.

  5. xamit_2000 says:

    Tablets like the Ipad and Galaxy II are getting more and more powerful, and willl one day replace a tradiitional PC/Laptop. But at present they are mostly entertainment devices, with “small apps” do not consider them a replacement just yet. There is no tablet presently where you can work flawlessly in office that can complete with a traditional computer. Sure if your just browsing the web and updating facebook there great. But dont expect to do real work on them.

  6. Computer Technician says:

    If you want a computer get a laptop. If you want a high priced toy then get a Ipad.
    If want Microsoft Office you need the computer.