Should i buy an Ipad 2 instead of a computer?

Question by TheNinja: Should i buy an Ipad 2 instead of a computer?
I currently own a very nice laptop that does everything that I could ever ask ask of it, now the question is can i buy an Ipad 2 and still do all the stuff that i do on my laptop on the Ipad 2? I am a student which means i use just about every Microsoft office program there is out there (powerpoint, word, excel, etc.) I watch alot of youtube, love to read, and love the interface of ipad. So if i can create documents on my ipad with word, would i be able to upload them to the internet? Say onto a cloud server and then get it off of the server and use it on a pc? My question really is, can i create powerpoints, word documents, excel graphs, etc. on an ipad 2 and then upload that to the internet, and then access it later from say a computer?

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Answer by Lib Nemesis
Complete waste of money

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