Any Minecraft Players on Yahoo Answers? I Need Advice?

Question by : any minecraft players on yahoo answers? i need advice?
i just started playing like a week ago, and im just now starting on my larger house. its killing me. i started it like, on top of a mountain, and it a long time to build the walkway out from the mountain a little ways to where i wanted to build a platform suspended in midair with my house on it.

im about halfway through the platform when i realized that the clouds are at the same height as the platform. i dont want the clouds to be there the entire time im there and all, so im debating taking it down and building it lower. but it took sooo long to build, and was so hard and gave me migraines due to the amount of times i fell to my death while making it. what should i do? what would you do? any tips?

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Answer by Douglas Rintoul
Since there’s no way to lower the clouds, i’d recommend moving it down.
But spawn in some tnt and have fun destroying it :)

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  1. just another human says:

    how much are you devoted to building that platform is your first question.
    if yes then do it
    if no don’t do it.

    also if you hold down the shift button you will walk bent over, while you are doing this you cant fall off blocks, you could always place water around your tower for a soft landing (2 or 3 deep should be sufficient.