do i need a box spring for my bed?

Question by : do i need a box spring for my bed?
I bought a new bed, it came with a box spring. When I lay on the bed with the box spring (this is after a couple months of use still) the bed is really firm, a tiny bit over-firm. My bed frame it’s self has a spring platform so it’s not solid, when I place the matress directly on the springs of the bed frame it has more “Give” more cushion feeling, more of a cloud feeling.

I was wondering if I need the box spring to protect the matress from wear, or if I can get rid of the box and keep the matress, using the built in springs of the bed frame to support it?

One problem I can think this might cause is that perhaps the box prevents dents, or dips from forming inside the matress from wear?? And that maybe by setting the matress on top of springs, it might allow too much give and cause deformation?

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Answer by Andrew
You are correct in your thinking. The box spring provides more even support and reduces wear. Otherwise,you will always roll to the center after a few months of use.

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