I’m angry as hell…I’M REALLY, REALLY ANGRY!?

Question by insure_and_go: I’m angry as hell…I’M REALLY, REALLY ANGRY!?
I’ve really have HAD IT with Microsoft !

I have been working for 2 hours on an important email and making adjustments to my ebay site.

The Microsoft ‘update ‘ alert suddenly popped up without warning telling me its going to update my system…the only option was to press ‘postpone’ which i did……thinking it would come up and alert me again …….the damned thing just waited 10 minutes then SHUT DOWN MY MACHINE…making me lose my email and all the work i’d done on ebay for the last 2 HOURS !!!!!


listen….my computer backs up all my work automatically on a cloud harddrive and on a local USB every hour……………so i know all about backing up……BUT YOU CAN’T BACK UP LIVE THINGS I’M WORKING ON LIKE A DETAILED EMAIL AND A SALES PITCH I’M WRITING ON EBAY.

And who can I complain to ?…..cos microsoft certainly don’t give a damn about ME and my work.

well…….i’ve had it with Microsoft and Vista…………..i’m going to start doing some research on Linux…i dont know a damn thing about that platform…but anything has to be better than this sort of treatment i’m getting.

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Answer by Rabbit R
You actually can back up live things,

If you use the Lazarus add on with firefox you can get back any lost text down to the last character.

I’m in favour of people leaving microsoft for linux, and yes this wouldn’t have happened with linux, but any computer is likely to crash or loose power etc. at some point. I have no sympathy for you as you failed to take proper precautions, not out of lack of knowledge but out of carelessness.

Anyway try ubuntu, it’s the easiest linux. It just works.


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