Does Anyone Know of a PC (Not a Laptop) That Is Just for Surfing the Internet?

Question by Retrocowboy: Does anyone know of a PC (not a laptop) that is just for surfing the internet?
Looking for 10 pc’s that are simply for cloud computing so everything is stored online. I was think a server but I want to keep it a cheap as possible. A netbook might be one idea but I just want an LCD screen, keyboard and internet access.

Any ideas would be welcome!

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Answer by Reality Check
Yes, they are called Thin Clients.

Most have a browser and a on and off button.. It won’t hold any information. They can’t get a virus and can’t be broken unless you drop it on the floor. There is no hard drive or moving parts. They are for connecting to a remote computer. But you can use them as stand alone also.

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  1. max says:

    anyways, u’ll need to buy all the 10 pc’s , only u can do to keep the price low is take low end config system, my advice, take 9 of 10 pc’s with
    minimum-configuration to save cost ( may be u dont need harddisk for 9 pcs, there is some system, talk to your hardware ppl), and the one pc with good config, for eg- 2gb ram, 1 tb harddrive, c2d or quad core processor, etc.. n make that your server, you dont need to buy a server that is costly. using net as a storage place, not so good idea for huge data.