Which do you like best?

Question by Rubix Cube?: Which do you like best?
Which first paragraph do you like best?

a)Astra awoke with a fine sheen of sweat clinging to her. Bed sheets were tangled immensely among her limbs, and the air felt heavy and sticky. She groaned rolling out of bed and landing on her stomach on the lacquered hardwood floors. The carcass in the bed across from her laid still, making primitive animal noises with each inhale. 6:03 a.m. Her assumption was right, if she woke early enough she could be packed and ready for her elusive escape before many of the girls would be awake enough to realize what was happening. Today was the day that Baldwick’s Academy for Young Ladies would unleash five hundred cooped up teenage girls to roam free in their home lands. The shackles were being undone, the scent of freedom was a matter of hours away for Astra. And nothing had ever smelt sweeter than that. She crept across the floor, careful not to awake the sleeping ogre and peered out the window. Large, fluffy clouds scattered across the pale blue sky, suppressed the freshly awoken sun’s rays.

b)By the ripe age of sixteen, the peers of Astra Cooper, had narrowed their future choices down. Many had mastered the responses to give parents and figures of authorities. Many had learned how to deal with sticky social situations, how to appease adult figures and how to come off as being ‘innocent’. Astra however had not. In all her defence though, the masters of these techniques, were also the masters of spreading their legs to the majority of the male youth population.

c)She stood out to him the minute her figure came into view waiting on the platform. Her face was clouded as she stood elegantly, waiting for the train’s wheels to stop howling. Anxiously he looked out the small window, trying to catch another glimpse of her before she boarded, before the crowds of commuters engulfed her completley. With his face pressed up firmly against the window, his eyes darted around for her. He had to see her, he had to make sure she was who he thought she was. The groupings of seats filled up around him quickly, the strong smell of coffee filled his nose, the unfolding of newspapers and business chat laid heavily in the air. The platform was clear, he had lost her, he would never know. As the train started to pull away, the heavy thud of a dufflebag landing on a seat echoed through his ears. Poised on the edge of the seat across from him, she sat, staring intently at the scenery the train left behind.

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