Q&A: What can I change in this Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

Question by : What can I change in this Yu-Gi-Oh deck?
My Deck is a Stall/burn/Machine Deck
So if you can names some powerful and effective machine or cards that might go well with the deck and its down falls.

The Monsters(20 Cards):
-Machina Fortress
-Machina Gearframe
-Machina Peacekeeper
-Heavy Mech Support Platform
-Gear golem of the moving Fortress
-Blast Sphere
-Turbo Booster
-Cyber Valley
-Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast
Monster (non-machine)
-Cloudian – Sheep Cloud
-Swarm of Locusts
-Swarm of Scarabs
-Juck Synchron
-Spirit Reaper
-Mask of Darkness
-Magician of Faith

Spells(10 Cards)
-Card Trader
-Weapon Change
-Swords of revealing light
-Limiter removal(2 of them)
-Change of hearts
-Lighting Vortex
-Mystical Space Typhoon
-Black illusion Ritual
-Pot of greed

Traps(10 Cards)
-Roll Out!
-Just desserts
-Dimensional Prison
-Solemn Wishes
-Xing Zhen Hu
-Magic Cylinder
-Scrap-iron Scarecrow
-Magic Jammer

Extra Deck(3 Cards)
I know the Synchros Suck but their just for the in case and their is only one tuner.lol
-Colossal Fighter
-Junk Warrior
-Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth/
Plz tell me some good cards to add thanks also rate plz out of 10

BTW i don’t care if it a banned card.

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Answer by Osaka
i would add a Mudkip

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