What Is Sharepoint ? Is It Better Than Google Apps ?

Question by strikercode: What is sharepoint ? is it better than google apps ?
I am trying to understand what I can do with sharepoint
I had never used it before
I want to make an ERP system and integrated it with and online services like email and documents …
can sharepoint help me ?
can I make my own modules using .Net and embedded inside the sharepoint ?

do I nedd to have a server in my place or its on the cloud ???

thanks in advanced

Best answer:

Answer by M. L.
No. Sharepoint is a content management system.

Think of it as a big network share drive on steroids… and yes.. it requires you to purchase a server and is not hosted in the cloud. It is expensive (in the thousands).


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  1. Enrique S says:

    no, it is not better than google apps.

  2. Braedon Woods says:

    no, the google is better

  3. Jodie says:

    SharePoint is available in both on-premise and as SaaS – SharePoint Online. I know that it does integrate with Dynamics ERP solutions, and probably other ERPs. Normally the integration/development is done by M$ or M$ Partners.

    As far as Google being better- I think it comes down to personal preference. If you’re used to M$ technologies, it might be quite the change to switch to Google Apps, but since there’s a free version, it may be very appealing.