Q&A: Cloud computing and employee productivity?

Question by lolz: Cloud computing and employee productivity?
I am doing a paper on how to monitor employees working from home and make sure they are actually being productive and not doing whatever they want when they should be working. I thought that cloud computing could really work into it, but i just can’t seem to find any sites or articles that target that issue except for one. It talked about how people can log into a server and then they could be monitored as if they were at an office place, but that’s as far as it went. It didn’t get into any details. I was wondering if anyone could shed more light on the matter.

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Answer by krad
I am an employee that is using an employee monitoring software or should I say a screen monitoring software. This software is design for improving employee not just to monitor what employee’s. We are working from home and we usually has to log-in in a specific time daily so that we can be easily track who is working and who is not or absent. The software we are using is time doctor it monitor our productive time also it has different monitoring features. It has screen monitoring that takes a fairly accurate picture of what a person do during working hours. It also monitors which application, document, and website is actively being use and also it can monitor for how long a person spends time on a particular website. This software is not intrusive for this software does not use keylogger because it does not provide useful feedback. Also it doesn’t secretly monitor us when working that can cause invading of privacy. We believe that employees who are using monitoring software should be fully aware of what is monitored and when it is being monitored. It also motivate as for in every 2 hours of work it will pop up that you should take a break and it is also a good to refresh your mind and sanity.

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