Q&A: Wearing a Topshop Tutu Skirt, Need Suggestions on Accessories Etc! Going Clubbing X?

Question by : Wearing a Topshop Tutu skirt, need suggestions on accessories etc! Going clubbing x?
Okay so i’m 20 (totally legal where I come from) and i’m going clubbing.
Soo suggestions on hair, makeup and accessories would be awesome!
It is a High-wasted Tutu Black skirt from topshop (to give you a little example of my taste).
I’m not sure what kinda top I want to wear with it, i’m thinking something fitted because I don’t wanna look too much like a gigantic cloud. Should the top be black, (also don’t wanna look too much like black swan.)
What kinda jewelry if any?
I have some platform heels in mind, Lost my ankle boots thought i’d think they’d be a better fit.
Makeup? Heavy smokey eye make up nude lips, ORR nuder eyes and bright red lips?
Hair? Curly, Straight, Wavy, Up or Down?? (trying to steer clear of looking too much like a ballerina with the tutu and make it look sexy and edgy instead of uber girly)

Best answer awarded to the most helpful answer! Piccies would be great but not a must! Please help this Girl in need! I need to get to the ball looking Fabulous! xo

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Answer by Jenna
I would go with a black tank with metallic accents. If you have long hair, do it down and wavy. you have enough going on in your outfit to have a crazy hair do, but dont want to look like plain jane so put in some jeweled bobby pins or something. and throw on one of those strip leather bracelets with the crystals on them, its tough but cute. and for sure a smokey eye and nude lips. go with a gun metal chain necklace but not too big, just a little something and no earrings. or no necklace and a cute pair of feather earrings

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