Dream Interpretation Please?

Question by : dream interpretation please?
sooo i had a crazy dream last night, i was on a blue bus and it had some people on it but it wasn’t completely full, it was night time and i looked back and behind the pine tree-covered hills the full moon was huge, and i was taking out my phone to take a picture of it and then mars started appearing just as huge, soon after it all the other planets appeared in the sky getting smaller as they went farther back in space. the bus pulled over and we started walking toward the planets, then it was like a cartoon during the daytime, we had ordered some pizza and the pizza guy was the asian from courage the cowardly dog, and to get across a huge gap he had to climb a large electrical tower and scurry across the wire. when he got across he was high up in the sky above the clouds and for some reason there were a bunch of people holding up the electric tower on the other side and they were all standing on each others shoulders and he had to climb down them, when he got to the bottom i was actually there again instead of watching, i didn’t even want the pizza, we were on a checkered platform high in the clouds and i was looking at a chairlift that was on another platform about 20 feet away, i was explaining to the pizza guy that it was a never ending chairlift, people got on it and it went on forever. then i started trying to find a way over to the chairlift and i said to myself “i wonder what chairlifts mean in dreams” and then i woke up. what do you think this means?

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Answer by Pen Licker
It means your going to eat lunch today.

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  1. Craig W. Dressler says:

    The color blue often speaks of heaven or the power of the Holy Spirit. This is, of course, a Christian interpretation and will apply if you have made Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord. The power lines and electric tower point to the fullness of the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues available to every Christian. Those people who hold up the tower are Christians or a church. Perhaps, it is an Asian church or an Asian guy who can pray with you to receive the Holy Spirit. Lastly, here is a Bible verse that seems applicable to your dream: “…and those who turn the many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever.” Daniel 12:3

  2. ?Princesita.Mexicana? says:

    Your watching to many fantasy movies. or cartoons