Can I Use a Program Over Remote Desktop?

Question by Mark V: Can I use a program over remote desktop?
Say I have a powerful semi-server desktop pc that’s loaded with Photoshop or Dreamweaver. Could I use it on my laptop through remote desktop? If not how can I do this? I wanna use programs that are loaded on my desktop pc on my laptop without installing them like a cloud pc.

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Answer by xs2stb
There is a website its URL is “” This website allows you to remote control a PC which is registered on your account and it is connected to the internet no matter where ever it is in the world and you can fully operate it the computer you can try it for free for 30 days and after that they charge you a nominal monthly fee.

You can work on on the remotely operated computer and save it on your laptop and vice versa you can also work the remotely operated computer and take a print on the printer connected to your laptop

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  1. Colanth says:

    You can – if your desktop is running Business, Pro or Ultimate. The server for Remote Desktop doesn’t come with Home or Home Premium.

  2. Kashif Abbas Rizvi says:

    You can use application installed on remote computer but performance totally depends on ur bandwidth.
    Few option from which u can choose,u can use remote desktop 3rd party application like Logme in ,team viewer etc
    Second option is u can setup VPN (virtual private network).
    Both depends on ur bandwidth and for all other things give search.