I get slower internet sometime and faster internter sometime?

Question by Putang Ina Ang Kulit Mo!: I get slower internet sometime and faster internter sometime?
I use an antenna connecting to the host

I have clouds regularly

I use Wireless G BroadBand Router WRT54G Model and I use a cable on this computer which has a download speed of 3.0kbps – 0.2kbps at slow times and 20+kbps at fast times

And its also 10MBPS Connection

Well accually its “100” Mbps connection but its prolly a lie\

Any thoeries?
And about the IP address thing… I dont know anything

I have no password for my computer or my account

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Answer by bpk
try contacting your isp

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  1. Shared subnets like cable modems will have slower speeds during peak hours.

    Since you are using a WIFI router, people could be stepping on your signal. Log into your router (blank username / password: admin) and change your default channel. Linksys defaults to 6, try going up to 9, 10 or 11…

  2. The speed of Internet connection is not always th same. It depends on many things. Such as the speed of the web sites, the number of the users using the same USP, the different routes the data is sent and received, ….. The speed that windows says is most of the times wrong!

  3. I am assuming that you have a broadband connection. Broadband connections have a set amount of bandwidth running through the lines once it gets to “the last mile” to your house. You are sharing that bandwidth with all your neighbors. As more people are connected at a time, it slows down, as there are more people using up the bandwidth.

    The wireless I also think is affected by the weather patterns. I know at one minute I will have an excellent connection, and the next it will barely be there. It is also affected by the walls, especially brick. It is tough for the signal to get through.

    Distance is another issue. It depends how far away you are from your router, the farther you go, the weaker the signal.

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