Why Does My Site Layout Look Different on IE and FF?

Question by Tom B: Why does my site layout look different on IE and FF?
When I open up my website (new and just hosted) the layout spacing looks slightly different in FireFox than it does in IE. Why is this?

There are gap and spacing issues in IE that don’t appear when I view the site in FF. The site is www.CableDealz.com for reference.

Notice the top menu bar and clouds picture…
Any help is appreciated


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Answer by Lady I
This is the case because IE and FF both have different ways of dealing with html and css tags. Just look up the tags used on those part and see if there are specific differences in both IE and FF for those. You must than add both versions in your code, don’t worry, what IE can read, FF can’t or vice versa, so your code will still run fine.

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