Google Docs-Like CoAuthoring/Realtime Collaboration on Microsoft Word?

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by gak

Question by : Google Docs-like CoAuthoring/Realtime Collaboration on Microsoft Word?

I love using Google Docs for Co Authoring papers using realtime collaboration. However, I need to accomplish this on Microsoft Word, version 2007 or 2010 (cross version support would be nice :)

Either across a network or accross the cloud, it does not matter. However, I would need a very cheap or very inexpensive solution.

Also, cross platform Windows-Mac would be be ideal, running parallels would be a pain, but beggars cant be choosers 😛

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Answer by SteveO

To my knowledge, this is the only way to do this without using Sharepoint. Since it’s cloud storage, it will work on both OS X and Windows as long as Mac users have Office 2011 (I believe Office 2008 doesn’t support the DOCX formats).

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  1. jimgmacmvp says:

    The cross-platform real-time solution you are seeking is called Microsoft SkyDrive. It’s free, and it is a “cloud” computing platform. You can also use it with Word 2010 (Windows) and Word 2011 (Mac), but you can use it without Microsoft Word just in a web browser, too.