Does Anyone Know if Hostgator Is Better Than, and Why?

Question by : Does anyone know if hostgator is better than, and why?
everyone says hostgator does the trick but is not free. is rumored to host a website in the cloud, and it is free. I’m thinking perhaps advertising is involved.

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Answer by g2k
I’ve never even heard of but any time a host is free it is either lacking features, slow, places advertising on your site, or a combination of these. What kinds of features do you want out of your host? More advanced features like databases, cron jobs, SMTP and shell access will not be available with free hosts.

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  1. IT says: does not support any of the standard files of a website (no .html, .htm, .php, .asp, etc) nor does it support database driven websites. All it does is display simple .txt files (with its own markup language) as html web pages.

    Hostgator is a real web host for simple or advanced websites. is a filehost that also allows you to publish textfiles on the web.

    -If you want a real website, go with Hostgator.
    -If you want to simply publish a few sentences, you could use for that, however I would probably use a service like for that.
    -Use if you want to store pictures, word- or powerpoint files.

    BTW, if you are looking for a discount at Hostgator, these two coupons are tested to work:

    HGONEMONTHFREE –> Get the first month for only 1 cent ($ 0.01) – Free month for hatchling or baby hosting plan or $ 9.94 off any other hosting plan.

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    Hope that helps.