Will Cloud Computing Be a Big Flop?

Question by God’s Faithful Disciple: Will Cloud computing be a big flop?
Cloud computing will be a security nightmare. With all of the data being online hackers will easily get access to thousands of businesses and consumers data. Cloud computing will be fraught with security problems, especially if the data is kept on Linux machines.

At least Windows allows users to keep all of their software on their own computers.

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Answer by cool_clearwater
With the biggest growth area being portable computing users will need clouds in which to store all their stuff

The operators of clouds probably know as much about security as your average IT dept. As security will be their selling point they should be able to do a good job, apply the highest security to all their customers and be able to afford good security

The best place to hide a tree is in a forest

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  1. Carling says:

    Here we go again “yes” your right there It will be fraught with security problems when using windows, is that the reason Microsoft lost over 2 million customers servers to Linux in January of this year, MS customers are leaving like rats abandoning a sinking ship and cats jumping off hot tin roofs That is all the evidence one needs to know,

    In the news today MS is now going to release a FREE cut down version of Office 2010 for cloud computing. trying to keep what customers they have left

  2. dublklik says:

    First understand what it means. Cloud computing is NOT grid computing, even then security can be controlled without issue if done correctly – but they are totally different.

    Cloud computing is a data center ‘hiring out’ their equipment to users ie: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). (do a Google) Instead of you having the equipment you are using an off site centers equipment, it is not stored and floating around in the internet!

    Windows or Linux, you can use what you like, the data, services etc you hire are stored elsewhere. Regardless of how you feel about MS or Linux, a well secured server is a well secured server, the OS is irrelevant. Whatever your desktop environment, both MS and Linux servers can offer services for you.

    carling: please keep your information correct (january was a long time ago – we are in July now), this quote of yours is doing the rounds of every anti windows question there is. ….. getting a little boring. Why not also show the data (from your source) about Linux dropping as well?

  3. The Truth is out There & so am I says:

    the big flop with cloud computing is getting your data back in a timely manner
    and linux machines are hands down more secure
    and they will have to use linux because Microsoft rapes you on your CAL connections