Is this a good deck for yugioh tounaments?

cloud platform
by xoque

Question by Jake A: Is this a good deck for yugioh tounaments?
Dark Magician
Umbral Soul
Cave Dragon
Ancient Telescope
Judge Man
Mystic Probe
B.E.S. Crystal Core
Ultimate Offering
Heavy Mech Support Platform
Toon Gemini Elf
Chthonian Alliance
Dark Blade
Luster Dragon #2
Harpie’s Brother
Change Of Heart
An Unfortunate Report
Draining Shield
The Warrior Returning Alive
Toon World
Destiny Hero – Defender
Guardian Statue
Science Soldier
Dark Blade
Aussa the Earth Charmer
Robbin’ Goblin
Phantom Cricket
Infinity Dark
The Dark Door
Venom Swamp
Swing of Memories
Summon Cloud
Gladiator Beast Secutor
Common Soul
Elemental Hero Sparkman
Chrysalis Chicky
The Inexperienced Spy
Elemental Hero Bubbleman
Twinheaded Beast
Gladdiator Beast Murmillo
Cloudian – Ghost Fog
Fog Control
Cloudian – Poison Cloud
Neo Spacian Marine Dolphin
Monster Reincarnation
Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
Time Wizard
Destruction Cyclone
Majestic Mech – Senku

plus more

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Answer by Yugi Oh
Very nice deck, especially the balance between magic and monster cards!

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