Is This a Good Deck for Yugioh Tounaments?

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by xoque

Question by Jake A: Is this a good deck for yugioh tounaments?
Dark Magician
Umbral Soul
Cave Dragon
Ancient Telescope
Judge Man
Mystic Probe
B.E.S. Crystal Core
Ultimate Offering
Heavy Mech Support Platform
Toon Gemini Elf
Chthonian Alliance
Dark Blade
Luster Dragon #2
Harpie’s Brother
Change Of Heart
An Unfortunate Report
Draining Shield
The Warrior Returning Alive
Toon World
Destiny Hero – Defender
Guardian Statue
Science Soldier
Dark Blade
Aussa the Earth Charmer
Robbin’ Goblin
Phantom Cricket
Infinity Dark
The Dark Door
Venom Swamp
Swing of Memories
Summon Cloud
Gladiator Beast Secutor
Common Soul
Elemental Hero Sparkman
Chrysalis Chicky
The Inexperienced Spy
Elemental Hero Bubbleman
Twinheaded Beast
Gladdiator Beast Murmillo
Cloudian – Ghost Fog
Fog Control
Cloudian – Poison Cloud
Neo Spacian Marine Dolphin
Monster Reincarnation
Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
Time Wizard
Destruction Cyclone
Majestic Mech – Senku

plus more

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Answer by Yugi Oh
Very nice deck, especially the balance between magic and monster cards!

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5 Responses to “Is This a Good Deck for Yugioh Tounaments?”

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  1. Brandon W says:

    no, this is a very bad deck…not…haha…its n ok deck, but i would try to improve it if i were u.

  2. Dominic P says:

    yes, it is pretty well balenced, remember, the key to winning is to also have life point recovery cards, one is a trap that restores 1000 points.

  3. joshoquias13 says:

    im not sure what theme or objective you have for this deck but all i could think of was that you should take out D-hero defender because it gives the opponent card advantage and you dont want that.

  4. Tyler R Gigaplant Master says:

    worst deck ever and i cheched your other one do you see pros and experts decks looking like this HELL NO!!!!


    crap a deck should be 40-45 cards unless its a lightsworn deck but they cost $ 400+

    pick a theme then email me and i’ll get you a decklist

    the others above are just trying to tell you what you want to hear so they can get best answer many top contributops or experts will agree with me email them urself

  5. milkncookies says:

    if you are protecting your own life points, you are losing
    make them fight to protect theirs and you will be able to put useful cards instead of lp recovery card(leave that to your opponent)

    its an ok deck
    improve it