All set to celebrate Christmas including Pakistan?

Question by Peterson: All set to celebrate Christmas including Pakistan?
: The Christian community in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world are all set to celebrate Christmas today with traditional religious enthusiasm as the lengthy preparations and last-minute shopping have drawn to a close.

Special services and functions have been arranged at all churches in the country as both local organisations and international groups, foreign missions and the United Nations Organisation (UNO) will also be hosting ceremonies, which will be broadcast live by electronic media.

The celebrations will begin from special midnight services at Christmas Eve today (Wednesday) while the Christmas day services will be held on the morning of Thursday (tomorrow) to be led by the bishops and the respective hierarchy of the Christian clergy at their respective churches.

Christians are in an enthusiastic rush of buying, arranging and preparing to celebrate the big day and the following holidays with traditional style and fun. Besides, there is a complete solemnity and religious reverence attached to the event, apart from the element of joy and fun.

However, the recent Indian war threats and the unusual movement of troops close to Pakistani borders have cast dark clouds over the otherwise cheerfulness and fun attached to the Christmas festival.

Many people have expressed serious concerns over the deteriorating situation and fear a possible war between the two countries in the coming weeks.

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Merry Christmas ! Peace !

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