Panda “Cloud” anti-virus ….?

Question by YoBro: Panda “Cloud” anti-virus ….?
Hey guys (& gals)…

Has anyone heard of this new anti-virus from Panda called “Cloud”? It uses heuristic and signature based detection but nothing is installed on your hard drive…. All the signatures are stored in the Panda servers…

Almost like a web application of an anti-virus. Has anyone out there used this? If so, what did/do you think of it?

Panda, of course, is a very well known and respected company…

Look here:


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Answer by michael s
All the anti-virus products in the near future will be following the “cloud” version of Panda…that is the new generation of anti-virus detection..supposed to be almost 99 % accurate and will catch more things than the normal AV product…….I am getting this information from the current security blogs and reports i have been reading…also it will take up 50 % less space than the regular AV products.

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